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hello , Say If was working for a builder in scheme contract where appointed on an hourly rate. is the builder able to holding a sum of money and then after a letter of demand claiming they have to carry out reworks. is the builder entitled to hold this sum and if there is reworks should the contractor be given the opportunity to rectify the works? ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBack ChargesChange OrdersConstruction ContractDefectsPayment Disputes
The general contractor was fired from the job in progress. The homeowner is stating that the GC was paid for the work we provided however, we have not received any payment. Since the GC is no longer working for the homeowner should we or could we change the bill to or responsible information to the homeowner and file a lien? The homeowner would like us to finish the project with our company just not the GC....Read More
By Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisPayment Disputes
I'm an environmental consultant and collected 2, 4oz jars of soil media and with an oral agreement to submit the soil to a lab, which I have an account. There was 8 total analyses for literally hundreds of compounds totaling $1,300. There was urgency on behalf of the Client and these samples would help to define the subsequent proposal and cost estimate. The Client is now saying that he did not order the analysis, says he ordered the analysis to stop and won't pay. He was to late to stop the process of analysis. There is a definite "shelf life" or technically a holding time of 10 days. Please advise....Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganConstruction ContractMechanics LienPayment DisputesPreliminary Notice
Hi I hired a general contractor to redo my bathroom, and do a walk in shower. I requested a signed contract but he ignored my request, but furnished me with a detailed estimate. The floor of the tiled shower was not pitched right, neither was the shower threshold, and water was pooling. He redid it once and still not right. I hired a professional tiler to redo/repair it and it cost $1500. We discovered he had tiled over tile the second time! I also had the tiler replace the threshold at the bathroom entrance which was crooked which cost $290. He had also walked off the job with the doorway unpainted and back splash to vanity not installed. He only deducted $1000 off of the bill for shower repair. He added costs to the bill unexpected like $100 for installing the toilet holder and mirror. $50 for "adjusting window" that wasn't on the estimate. He had told me he would take $500 off the bill in May for the fact we had 110V for washing machine (a European all in one) and he had priced for 220V. He didn't in the final invoice. He charged us $100 to vacuum up the debris that fell on my downstairs kitchen ceiling (that has a removable panel in case of plumbing issues) when he has "cleanup" as a part of his estimate. Now he is saying unless he gets the full amount he invoiced me for, he will place a contractor's lien on Monday. I have just been approved for financing for a line of credit but haven't closed yet. I am worried this will mess that up. I planned on sending him a detailed certified letter and paying him the balance after deducting the cost of the tiler, and maint man to finish painting and install the back splash. I have been told I have the Right of Recoupement. Can he still file a lien without a signed contract? I want to deduct the larger amount for the shower repair, plus the other things I mentioned, but don't want a lien on my hose. He will NOT negotiate at all. What can I do? ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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MassachusettsChange OrdersPayment Disputes
Our remodeled started in October 2019. Was supposed to be completed March 31, 2020. Before Covid hit. Contractor was already behind schedule. Now 16 months later. They are wanting more money to complete phase 2 of project. I have already given them more than 1/2 of what is owed and afraid they will drag this job out another year and blame it on Covid. I have explained to them . I will not release anymore finances until job is completed. Now they have threaten they will not start until I give them more money. They are supposed to start on Monday and finish March 31st. 1 year later? My elderly father has been inconvenienced and has cost us out of pocket over 35k on top of what we have paid them ... pls help !...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPayment Disputes
I’m a general contractor and my company was hired to do a refurbish on a historic home to fix structural issues and replace the porch that was rotting and unsafe. My main GC and master Carpenter and designer did the site visit and estimate which the client approved and hired us. As the jobs go, there were issues that were discovered during demo. The client was notified whenever new issues were found and discussed fix options, verbally agreed to recommended fix actions and our crew completed necessary work to fix issues. These issues had to be fixed in order for the original agreed upon work could continue. My GC said he had more than one conversation with client about the additional fix work would add more days and expenses. The client’s response was that of which my GC thought she understood and we were to complete the extra work so we could get back to our project. So I billed her for the additional work days and she doesn’t want to pay the amount over the original estimate. She even wrote a check for the amount she had left to pay on original estimate and made t clear that was the last payment she was making and told the GC to leave the worksite and not to do any more work. So they left and the project wasn’t completed. Now I don’t know if I can demand payment for the costs above the estimate due to the work they had to do to fix issues in able to continue work on porch and structurally. Can you please help me ASAP. I have asked before and never got a response and now deadlines to pursue payment via mechanics lien are coming and going and I’m afraid to pursue the mechanics lien if I legally can’t charge the client...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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TexasPayment Disputes
This is a question when doing business in the state of Utah.: When we do a “remodel” that’s a cash payment to a general contractor(from a home owner)….and our contract is with the general….then the general doesn’t Pay his subs…what’s the best and quickest legal way to get our money….we did NOT FILE A PRELIMINARY NOTICE because it was a remodel (total gutting out of an existing home). ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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UtahPayment Disputes
My parents hired a sub contractor and paid him $2,500 upfront for a $4,750 natural gas pipeline replacement. He dug the trench & has gone missing. The company he subcontracted under is saying that they dont know him & he didnt work for them but they pulled the permit for the job. He never installed the line and just took the $. What do we do to get our money back especially since the company isn't acknowledging him as an employee...Read More
By Anonymous General Contractor
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TexasLawsuitPayment DisputesRecovery Options
To whom it may concern, After visiting Durango in October we knew we had to live here one day! As chance would have it, a small cabin in Aspen Trails went on the market right after we left. I closed on my cabin in Aspen Trails on November 24th. My contractor Leo Walcott (Action Enterprises, PO Box 2785, 970-426-9061) was referred to me by my realtor Coral Smith (970-779-8051). He came highly recommended and also lives in Aspen Trails. He began work on November 25th. At the beginning of the work I felt like things were going smoothly. I was pretty upset when he demoed the bathroom without my permission (December 10th) (I had told him before the start I needed to wait until spring) and then pressured me into picking out everything for it without photos or measurements (while he was at Home Depot!) Over the course of renovations (Nov 25th- Dec 22nd) he changed what I had picked out for the floors, hardware, cabinets, counters, backsplash, sink, fans, fireplace rock, lighting, you name it. As time went on he became more and more difficult to communicate with and pressured me for more and more money. (Our original agreement was for around 20-24K.) I sent him $5000 via check through snail mail on November 20th, another $5000 on November 30th, $10,000 on December 3rd. Six days before our arrival (December 17th) he threatened me over the phone that he was going to walk unless I sent him $5500 immediately. I had to venmo his daughter $4000 from myself and $2000 from my fiance. After that he still would not send pictures (I had been asking for ten days now), he said he wanted to surprise me. He got very angry with me on the phone because my realtor went to the cabin to see what was going on (apparently he told her I had not paid him). She sent me a few pictures, but I still had no idea what was going on in the kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace. After our arrival I found that nothing was done as we agreed, it got worse when another neighborhood contractor (John Debbink) found the cracked tiles on the kitchen counters (I paid for four of them, $500 to Andrew. Leo used two and said he broke the other ones and that he taking it out of what I “still owe him”), the plumbing is literally falling apart, ALL of the tilework in the bath and fireplace was/is a mess, the floor heaters that Leo charged me $2400 for were actually installed by John two years prior, the foundation was never leveled, the debris on the property was never removed, the washer/ dryer was not installed correctly, nor was the dishwasher, there is dripped paint down the walls and kitchen cabinets onto the floors along with plenty of missed places, he even installed a medicine cabinet literally behind the vanity lights so it was completely nonfunctional, the plumbing is a disaster, the list goes on and on and on. I have photos and videos documenting everything. But of course, Leo did not take responsibility for anything, in fact, somehow, it was all my fault. He will not give me copies of any of the receipts for materials or appliances. He will not give me an invoice breaking down the cost of labor. Below you will find copies of our email and text correspondence. This is the link to the icloud photo share, it is not very user friendly, I need to fix that somehow. I am simply looking for restitution and accountability. I spent almost every dime I have investing into my dream home and Leo not only stole and lied to me, he bullied me into choices I did not want to make. It breaks my heart that this man, who not only is a part of the Durango community but also lives in the Aspen Trails neighborhood would do this to me. Thank you for your time, Anne Shackelford ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoConstruction ContractPayment Disputes
If I release a claim of lien but reserve legal rights to collect on the claim, which are basically void on the lien amount because of a settlement agreement, can I collect from the client for my fees and costs associated with the filing and release outside of court?...Read More
By Anonymous General Contractor
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OregonCollectionsLien ReleasesMechanics LienPayment Disputes
We remodeled our house. And at the end the company gave us an extra 1800 bill. theu charged us for stuff they never did, stuff they did but never gave us prices on or even told us they were charging. We have spoke with them about the unfair charges and the only thing they removed was the work they did not do. Now they want to put a lien on my house. They cashed our final check payment that was originally agreed upon. and in memo was written final payment. can i dispute this lien. Their bill never even showed prices for things until we askedm...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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IndianaMechanics LienPayment DisputesRight to Lien
I need to know if legally I can pursue payment for amount over what contractor originally estimated on a historic renovation to fix structural damage and replace porch floor due to rot. Estimate was done in Quick Books and emailed to client. Client approved estimate, signed and made requested deposit payment in the amount of material and supplies to be purchased. Work began and within the first couple days contractor discovered issues that affected completing what we were hired for. Contractor said he talked to client about issues found and the need for my re work days to fix what needed to be to continue our work and that cost would be more than initially estimated and options on what could be done in regards to porch railing since damage was discovered to more severe when it was taken down. I was told by contractor client was aware and understood and all was still a go. On the 4th day which was originally planned to be the last day, I went to project location and met with client. Client made a partial payment and we talked about 2 other projects she wanted bids for and she asked how many more days will it take to complete current work and I told her I wouldn’t know until the crew finished for the day and contractor let me know but we would let her know. Well over a week later they still weren’t done with initial work due to fixing issues as they worked. The next week I was told by the contractor to invoice client and was told initial work was complete and they are ready to work on sealing and finishing porch. So I sent final invoice and client informed me work for that was not complete and she only agreed to pay initial estimate amount. Contractor told me he discussed with her why the railing wasn’t done but would complete a few finishing items they didn’t do because they anticipated doing the sealing and finishing and it made more sense to do that before putting up the railing and closing up a few gaps and edge trimming porch boards. Contractor showed up to work on items client requested done before final payment but was given a check for final payment to equal original estimate, and told contractor to leave and they were not to come back and do any more work. Client made it clear she wasn’t paying the amount over because she didn’t agree to it, was on a tight budget and the extra work days (labor expenses) were on us and not her fault and her responsibility to pay because she didn’t make any changes nor were there change orders but it falls on the contractor for under estimating. Based on estimate that included project schedule and statement about timely payment, change orders and how additional expenses were to be handled, I agree with client and will have to absorb the extra cost. Contractor strongly disagrees based on his conversations with client and is adamant about pursuing payment for extra amount. So I need to know if client is right and no further payment can be made or if my contractor is right and I can continue to request payment....Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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TexasPayment Disputes
I am a contractor Based here in Baltimore, I have a client owning me on a job that they refuse to pay I was almost done with the job about 80% done, they refused to pay the remaining balance and have gone lock up the building. Can you advise on that, please...Read More
By Anonymous General Contractor
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MarylandPayment Disputes
can i legally hold a customer vehicle until they pay for the work that was approved ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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OregonLegal Property DescriptionPayment DisputesRight to Lien
A law office is charging me $1500 for opening file one day and closing it the next. Would like to send them a letter to dispute the charges. ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaPayment Disputes