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I am a subcontractor in the state of Texas, hired by a general contractor, to complete a flooring installation for a commercial business funded by the state. For the sake of the following argument, please take my words at face value. The situation: the owners/GC are exceptionally difficult to please, beyond reason, and created weeks (months even) of delays due to their indecision and lack of communication. We had (FINALLY) reached an approximately 90-95% completion mark, and we were at the "fixing defects and completing punch list items" stage when everything all went to hell. We offered a few different solutions to the alleged defects and vague punch list requirements ("I don't like it over here, I don't like that section over there, this piece of flooring has too much variation, that piece doesn't have enough variation, etc.). The GC said, in an email, "to standby for a decision." We received no opportunity or clearance to proceed with the job, only several emails putting us on standby and/or delaying any sort of completion, followed by over a month of silence and crickets. During this timeframe, the GC hired another subcontractor to "fix" our work. (We know this because other friendly subcontractors, also working in the building, told us as much off the record and sent pictures of the altered floor.) In short, the other subcontractor messed it up really, really bad and to the point the floor looks absolutely nothing like we left it. In fact, the majority of our installed flooring was removed or damaged. Honestly, even if we were to fix it, it would basically have to start from scratch, materials and everything, but I digress. SIX WEEKS WITH NO RESPONSE LATER - The GC sends us a 48-hour Cure Notice, basically stating that we are in default for not completing the work, not holding up our end of the contract, we might be responsible for costs and other subcontractor fees and legal fees and all that jazz. We responded to the Cure Notice the same business day we received it, addressed the claims therein, and again offered a variety of solutions/actions. Crickets again, no communication whatsoever. Now, over a week after THAT email and our response, the GC leaves a voicemail about trying to reach an amicable solution and how he hopes we'll be honorable people considering how we've held up his project so long. Mind you, this is the first time anyone on that side of the project has responded cooperatively to our attempts at communication. The GC/Owners have caused inexcusable delays, even perhaps deliberate lack of communication, with a side of shadiness by hiring another company to redo the floor while we still have an active contract. (For the record, we've been paid just about everything except retainage, and our proposed solutions and implied completion would have taken, at most, two more business days once approved.) What actions are open to us? What state law allows us, in the absence of any other definitions or agreements, to quit and close the contract if something doesn't give? Secondly, the contract states that the subcontractor (me/my company) is not obligated to warranty the manufacturing of another entity, but it doesn't discuss what or when our "product" is no longer "ours." As I mentioned, the floor has been altered/destroyed beyond our recognition and, officially, without our knowledge or consent if that matters. What law designates when a product stops becoming OUR product and is no longer our legal or financial responsibility? How does a subcontractor fight back in these instances when they're being unreasonably pushed and pulled around and threatened? What law or statute or anything can I reference, beyond my own documentation supporting my claims, when our latest attempt at communication/completion goes sour again, as I'm sure they will?...Read More
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can i legally hold a customer vehicle until they pay for the work that was approved ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OregonLegal Property DescriptionPayment DisputesRight to Lien
We are private homeowners. AT&T hired a construction company to install a small wireless light post a couple of blocks away. The construction company rented equipment to dig up the streets. We just received a preliminary notice via registered mail that our property is being used as collateral (i.e., equipment lien). We have absolutely nothing to do with this project. How is it possible that our property is being used for the contract between the construction company and equipment rental company? There is no way this is legal....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLegal Property Description
Hi i moved into a home with a verbal agreement with the owner that would allow me to purchase the house from after 5 years part of the agreement was i would handle all the major renovations during that time. The property was then seized by the city because of a outstanding tax note. Ive been in the home for over 2 years and have invested over $110,000. At this point id like to take over ownership of the property can i file a lein against the city who now currently owns the property...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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i am a customer and i paid my bill in full but the mechanic wont communicate with me or give me my car back, claims to have a lien What should i file...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasLegal Property Description
I am a subcontractor that built a retaining wall to develop a raw lot and did not get paid by the General Contractor. We placed a lien on the lot which only had a geographical location and lot number at the time. They are now building a home on this lot and I wanted to make sure our lien will be found since the new home has a physical address. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasLegal Property DescriptionMechanics Lien
I'm from a GC, we did some fogging for one of our Clients but they do not own the actual building. As of now our invoice is still unpaid and we are coming close to our lien rights expiring. Can I lien the property even though they aren't the Owner?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hi Expert: I want to know how to find the municipal address using the legal description? I'm a property investor that I see the county only use the legal description on the deed....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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