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Hi, Recently my contractor license has been suspended and also the insurance expired as I may not continue the business, but I still have a project that close to final inspection. I was wondering what's the best advice to exit the project....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaBankruptcyLicenses
Will a chapter 7 bankruptcy allow me to get my license back through tdlr to work? I was injured and could not walk for about a yr and other health issues. But besides that I just need to get my license back in order to be able to go back to work and pay.. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I received a Lien release letter from my 2nd mortgage company. How do I get that off my title & remove it from my filed mortgage at the courthouse? This letter came after a bankruptcy filing. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Gave the builder a contract and $11,000 to repair water damage in a condo. He worked one day and disappeared. It's been four months. He just told me that he declared bankruptcy and can't pay me my deposit back. I called the attorney general's office in Florida and they can't help. I've sent a demand letter to the builder. What recourse do I have? Furious in Florida...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaBankruptcyRecovery Options
An owner rightfully withheld a general contractor's retainage to address several liens on the property the general contractor failed to address (due to its failure to pay subs) on a project. The general contractor is insolvent and will likely file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Setting aside all of the bankruptcy issues, how should the payment of sales tax be addressed to the soon to be secured subcontractor be addressed? The retainage does not include sales tax because it has already been drawn by the contractor. If the owner pays the subcontractor's sales tax, it pays twice; and if it withholds the sales tax and requires the sub to pay it, the state potentially recovers sales tax twice....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonBankruptcyMechanics LienRetainage
I am a licensed Plumber, worked with JN Plumbing Heating & Cooling I been domiciled and had wrote a itemized bill and landlord changed shook my hand and I did all Plumbing in unit, only had vandleism and my plumbing truck was distroyed, I would not want to file a lien but my police report of hate, distruction is not acceptable, I want to file a mechanics lien after hate crime and it's over $14,009.77 Itemized bills and noterized. Licenced plumber, John & Jeff Naclerio Spitzer NYS#Ol95489...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaBankruptcyBond ClaimsCollectionsDefectsMechanics Lien
I’m a contractor working on a large commercial project inside a Mall. I finished my work on the job last month but haven’t gotten paid and my customer isn’t returning my calls. I sent the preliminary notice late and in our contract our client signed an arbitration of disputes form. How can I collect payment if I cannot file a lien?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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CaliforniaBankruptcyLicensesLien DeadlinesMechanics LienStop Notice
I have a contract for purchase of assets that is open ended when i can take it out. The company then filed bankruptcy. The assets are worth upwards of 5-10 million dollars. Can I file a lien on the property even though the file bankruptcy? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBankruptcyLien PriorityRecovery Options
I filed a mechanics lien against a property where we completed work and were never compensated for. Recently, we found out that the owner foreclosed on the home. The lender has now put it up for sale and is under contract. We contacted the lender to inquire if title company is aware of the lien on the property and he notified us that his foreclosure wipes out our lien. I proceeded to check with the county clerk and out lien is still recorded but he insists that they can in fact sell the house with clear title because the foreclosure wipes out our lien. Is this correct?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBankruptcyMechanics Lien
Well, I went thru an adversary proceedings over a tuition debt. The proceedings took over two years to get a ruling, in which the judge ruled in my favor. Now when I filed for bankruptcy it was only in my name not my husbands, but the case proved that I was the primary care giver for our kids. I discovered that a lien was placed on the property only in his name after I tried to refinance the loan to include money for needed repairs to the property....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IllinoisBankruptcyLien DeadlinesLien ReleasesNotice of Intent to Lien
Why is Libbey Glass able to pay out this money if 503c says it is illegal without meeting certain criteria? I guarantee there were not job offers for all of the executives at Libbey Glass. Plus I thought 503c is supposed to include 1yr prior to filing bankruptcy. They are completely screwing all of their contractors and taking everything away from our contract that we just fought so hard for that they negotiated in "good faith" and immediately after paid out these bonuses and presented a publicly admitted "prepackaged bankruptcy". What would possibly give the judge in Delaware legal grounds to honor this? Please help I don't understand....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I have 3 projects with the same GC for the same company 24 hour fitness USA, all the buildings are being leased by 24 hr fitness, so how do we let them all know we are filing a lien. Property Owner, GC and 24 Hr. fitness. Also, we got legal documents from a law firm that states that 24 hr fitness is filing bankruptcy....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I have questions to ask an attorney about bankruptcy. A company i sell declared bankruptcy. Bankruptcy court wants me to return a payment made to me. Paid to me in the final 90 days prior to that company filing. Bankruptcy court has set a trial date for 9/22. I need to speak with someone that can help me with this matter....Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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We are a millwork sub in Texas who still have approximatly 8k due on a job that is completed. Third month notices will be due on 9/15. We received communications from a firm that says that the GC is filing bankruptcy and that 17 of our fellow subs are hiring them to collect their money. If this is true and the GC files bankruptcy, does that change the owner's obligation to pay off any lien we file? The firm says the owner will just 'bond off' the lien and we won't get paid....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasBankruptcyBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
I need to file a lien on a car for work I did . Will I be able to get a title to the car...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaBankruptcyMiller Act