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I'm being told a story and I can't understand how she thinks she can save the house. If I'm being told the truth, she claims she has 2 foreclosures. One is from her company they used their house as collateral. She says they called in loan. She also claims she is in foreclosure on her personal mortgage. From my understanding she owes 55 thousands on the mortgage and the business loan was a half a million. She is in forbearance. She says she's is getting it until March wich my understanding is it ends December all home covid programs end. We live in long Island NY. So how is this house savable and also it will be left to her only child . Won't her get the lien debt if the house is willed to him? Please help me know the truth as it affects my life in unimaginable ways. Thank you....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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My contract with the general contractor doesn't contain any penalties for not meeting the project schedule. It does however contain arbitration language should the parties be unable to settle a dispute. The project was scheduled for completion 4-5 weeks from the start date. The project is 17 weeks behind schedule. I sent the contractor a cure letter to complete the project in 10 days as the project has been at 90% mark for 10 weeks. is the 10 day cure letter sufficient? Also, does the contractor have to warranty work already completed even if the contract is terminated?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I paid $48K for a Grand Manor roof to The Roofing Company. Roof looks good, however, head of employee brought trailer onto circular driveway and caused pavers to separate. Owner of company said he would send his own contractor to quote repairs. When he and I got quote back it was $26K. He called me and told me that it was "egregious" and would not pay it. He wanted to send others out for quotes and I refused and got my own. My quotes range from $35K to 3K. Fortunately, when his employee came for a final. check. I required that 3K be held back and that he delivers me a signed, notarized, contract adendum that 3K was held back as we could not agree to cost of repair. I was State Farm agent 42 yrs in Indianapolis and knew that roofers are not liable in some instances, however in this case he is due to fact that his employee failed to use 3/4 inch plywood or 1inch plastic sheets to protect pavers that were separated. I failed to have him release lien and now am faced with small claims court. I will first try with Better Business Bureau. Looking for any ideas you might have. Thanks, Jerry Ortner...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Just curious if the cost we spend to order and remove a lien can be added to the customer's invoice....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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soy un subcontratista que trabajo en un gran projecto comercial. termine hace cinco mesespero no me han pagado y la cia constructora ni me contestan los email ni llamadas que tengo que hacer...Read More
manuel moreno
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TexasBack Charges
My company was subcontracted in to perform concrete work for a project back in March. The Senior Project Manager informed of the pay structure before starting. I asked questions to the Senior PM about the contract and he stated a certain section did not pertain to me. We both signed. After starting work, it came time for the first payment and the Senior PM changed the pay structure after he got clarification. I submitted the final invoice 6/2 after work was complete 5/25. The Senior PM has again changed the pay structure. He is responsible for getting materials there needed and has failed to do so throughout the project and is stating repairs needed, engineer inspections and turnover of the project is needed before I can receive the final check when i was not informed that until 6/9 when the final check was supposedly be received based off the Senior PM's relayed information to me. The job site is an hour an a half one way and I do not have funds to be sending my guys for nothing when he has not had materials on-site the last time I had a crew on-site to work. I am a small company that has been taken advantage of when I acted in good faith since the beginning in hopes to receive more work. His conduct, inability to schedule trades correctly, to communicate effectively, and order materials properly has obstructed my company’s ability to fulfill and profit from the work that needed to be performed....Read More
Justin Garza
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I am a residential homeowner in Texas. My wife and I are contracted through a custom home builder to build our plan. We have continually paid him when draw requested initially after the job was completed, then during progress and lastly before work was even performed. The last several draws have pulled us into a heated dispute concerning quality of work or timelines for completion. Recently, we were notified of a subcontractor filing a lien against us from a draw we paid to him 3 months prior and another 2 additional subs discovered by us still unpaid. After confrontation, a month ago, he now says all bills are up to date. He won't provide paid receipts or invoices for proof and we have nothing in the contract that forces him to. He has slandered us with the subs and they will not discuss details with us to ensure our financial future. How do we keep from paying twice or additional charges from contractors he has failed to pay up to date? Can we make him provide lien waivers from these subs under Texas law now after time has passed? The contract does state all subs will be paid by him although, there is no timeframe listed unlike what's found in the Texas Prompt Payment Act? Where do we go from here so that it will not happen?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
4 answersAdd commentApr 30, 2021
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I was working a residential bathroom remodel, the contract was for 22627.01, including tile cost when selected and with change orders and additional work, verified through emails and verbal change orders the total became 27752.78, I was paid intermittently total of 13000. when it came to 1 more day of work to just knock out a very small punchlist, the night before I asked for 10000 and allowed him to hold a retainer of 4752.78 until the next day when i completed the job and he was happy. He denied the 10000, wrote a check for 2000. then the next day, I was told that I was not allowed back to the property and that my workmanship was unsatisfactory. Then he offered 2900 only if i signed a letter of dissolution. Hes now threatening to file fraud with L and I. all the supposed poor workmanship was the things I had on my punchlist, The bathroom is absolutely beautiful, Ive showed pictures to alot of people and everyone agrees that its a great bathroom and the amount of work I put into it is close to 300 hours. Throughout the process, there was never a single complaint and his wife even said multiple times that with my work skill and knowledge of processes and supplies I should have my own improvement show or broadcast on youtube. But the day before it was time to settle up, my work all of a sudden was unsatisfactory. pictures are up on my website. under a.d.a. compliant remodel. this guy owes me almost 13000 and all my prices are completely justified, hes making up prices for my business, what do I do, I have 400 to my name as all I had went into this project....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I hired a contractor to paint the interior of my house and I agreed to provide the paint, and all other supplies. I purchased 2 five gallon buckets of paint for the walls and then an additional five gallon bucket for the ceiling. 6 tubes of caulk and 6 rolls of tape, 6 paint roller covers and 10 paint trays. My house is 1281 sq ft. He started on a Monday and when I met up with him on Saturday ALL ten gallons of paint were used and hardly any of the ceiling paint was touched. All the tape was used, none of covers or trays used. And only half of the caulk was used. Unfortunately he had only done ONE bedroom completely, the second bedroom was originally white and only had one coat and it was all streaky. The hallway was a disaster. The master bedroom had two coats but needed the trim to be completed. Then the dining area and kitchen were spotty and the living room was untouched. Now he is wanting $1980. The paint itself was over $400. I had to fire him as he had only done two things right. Patching the walls and caulking some of the baseboards, not even all of them. What are my rights?...Read More
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Hello, I had over 3k worth of fraud on my account with chase bank so I withdrew all my money from that bank while they were investigating it, they gave me credit back but later withdrew it all and my bank went negative the amount they owed me. I called them and they said I had to make a police report but sadly all this happened right as I was moving to Mexico so I couldn’t go make the police report in person. 3 years later I moved back to Californian and called to have it resolved to see if I still needed to have a police respite filled and they said there is nothing they can do and the money went to collection, can I take them to small claims court to get my money back? I didn’t make the charges, it’s my money they owe me and it’s affecting my credit now....Read More
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Commercial Flooring contractor in TEXAS. The project took 2 years, retainage was billed almost 1 year ago. What is prompt payment specific to retainage withheld? How does interest work? Additional topic, we have several schools in one district all over 50 days due; and the statement we received FROM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT is they "have 31-45 days to pay the GC"....every law I read says 30. THANK YOU for any clarity. :)...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBack ChargesRecovery Options
Bay Area GC kicked off public works job and needs to get paid (retention, unpaid scope work completed, and change orders). Is there an alternative to hiring an attorney to guide/submit claim? Or do we need an attorney for this process? Public works agency keeps telling us to 'file a govt claim'. What are our recovery options short of litigation? Money is tight. No sub bond claims made yet. No claims to surety made yet. Any guidance appreciated....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I'm a subcontractor on a multi-family project. I invoiced on 12/7 and have yet to be paid. The contract states payment net 60. I want to cancel the contract and be paid past due invoices and the work completed and equipment supplied. They are holding 25k in retainage. I want to be paid at the time of cancelation. Thank you,...Read More
1 answerAdd commentApr 5, 2023
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My company was hired to wire up some new freezers, cooler and add a new fan panel for the freezer and cooler. During the duration of Construction the store had two other electricians there, the Costco electrician and another they called for service work they were constantly adding new circuits or demoing circuits from existing panels. The GC demoed the old freezer and had me disconnect power from fans, door heater, and lights. during this time the GC/ HVAC and refrigeration started draining all the oil and gases from the refrigeration lines on existing racks. Costco called in a HVAC/Refrigeration company to trouble shoot lines and EMS controls. Now the GC/HVAC and refrigeration company is back charging me for the service call. How do I disputes this with a letter?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMar 23, 2023
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Sub on a Public Works project, State of California. I was put off time and time again for payment. Told the GC had not been paid. He lied outright. He had been paid. Then, to settle at 10c on the dollar, he presents 32000 of work he claims he did, as a lump sum. on electrical? He has no license for this. He never cited it for cure. This is to me, pure extortion and also there are elements of entrapment. There is more to know, but I would like to discuss off line. The above is true and correct. Another anomaly, DIR in California has no filing from this GC for this project. Zero. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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