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Seeking a modification on my loan. Deed of trust allow for a modification of a loan in Texas. Should the servicer offer me a modification?...Read More
Gayle Jessie
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I helped build a tank battery and was only paid $3800 when invoice turned in was $7142. Not even 1/2 of invoice. ...Read More
Shane Velasquez
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i received a document in the mail and don't know what it is for. reference # 5300870 if there is an outstanding invoice, it will need to be emailed to bret.urbine@fsresidential.com...Read More
null null
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I am a subcontractor in Texas, we completed a project back on April, the general contractor has not returned my e-mails regarding payment, Invoices are 51 past due days. Can I send the intent to file a lien to the owner of the project know or just an statement of unpaid invoices?...Read More
1 answerAdd commentJun 21, 2021
I am a sub contractor and was not being paid for electrical work that was provided. With the help of your app I sent 4 threatening payment demand letters. Contractor paid and I do not see where I can apply the payment??...Read More
Deborah Tuttle
2 answersAdd commentJun 11, 2021
We have an invoice that is past due for work completed in April as well as an invoice for the retention that was withheld on the project. We would like to know how we should proceed in sending out the correct notice. Should they both be included in one or separately?...Read More
Lindsey Miller
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We are due to file a lien on a residential property tomorrow. If they make a small payment, can we delay the lien? They have not paid due to their insurance provider not sending the homeowner necessary funds. ...Read More
Nick Forsell
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This homeowner has been difficult to collect final payment from. She sent a check once with the wrong company name on it, and we finally got her to send us a check but had a stop payment placed on it. With the Texas freeze that happened we lost track of this job. Can we still file a lien?...Read More
Jeremy Newman
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If the client is non responsive to our Mechanic's Lien other than offering to settle on a much less amount due, what other actions are recommended? ...Read More
Wendy Matheney
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Filed a lien and they finally paid ...Read More
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seeking funding for a restorative building project ...Read More
Douglas hosang
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TexasProfessional Development
I have a mechanic here stateing that. He fixed my car when really all he did was take a part off he did not give me the coast of this job until 2 days after wards and did not complete the job but made it far worse and never came bk to finish the job. Now he is here this mornig try to give me a lien on my vehicle is this e en legal...Read More
Ashley Caffery
1 answerAdd commentMay 25, 2021
TexasCustomer Relationships
I do mechanic work.ive had a motorcycle here for several months because the guy refuses to come pay his bill.je may be in jail I'm not really sure but I've had no contact from him in a long time.can I get a mechanics lien against the bike and be able to get a title so I can recoup some of my money ??? Thankyou...Read More
Bill Michaels
1 answerAdd commentMay 16, 2021
Hello, Venturi Restoration had 14 projects in Texas during the ice storm in Feb which were completed in March & April. We have not been paid for these projects yet. Should we send preliminary lien notices at this point in time on 5/10/21 or should we send notices of intent?...Read More
Michael DeGroote
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TexasRisk Management