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Subcontractor working on a residential property in Texas. Finished 3 weeks ago and client spent the money on herself supposedly. $15,000 owed to me. ...Read More
Edmund Kurek
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Who is responsible for sending Monthly Notice Letters to an innocent bystander? A resident in the same development who has nothing to do with the 5 notices sent? This is really inexcusable. Did anyone even read these for accuracy before sending them out?...Read More
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Bob Moore Construction, Inc. has moved. Our new address is: 3611 William D Tate Avenue Grapevine TX 76051 (formerly located at 1110 N Watson Road - Arlington TX 76001). Thank you....Read More
Debbie Moore
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TexasCredit Teams
I am a tenant that's been working on a 25 yr friends townhome while staying there. It's been over a year now and he's done a complete 180 on me after he flooded my home allowing 4 pipes to burst inside it. I did over a years worth of work for that place and it was almost done. Just needed to put some poly down on the floors. He's completely broke. He kept asking me for help and money and now I'm over paid on rent over 10k, he hasn't put a penny toward any of the work I've done or materials (another 120k, and I've also redid his 2nd townhome thats cost me about 40k. Most of the work I did myself. Now he needs more money and has sold my townhome. Gave me 8 days to move out. Rents unconditional ways...but in cash payments. The total does not include any of the work I've done, only a few materials, actual rent payments, and others ( like I paid his storage fees for 5 months, I paid for both sets of utilities for a year, I gave him 4k cash last month to help him catch up and not to sell the townhome I live in, etc.) He did it behind my back anyway and told me the day after I gave him the cash. 2k cash was given to painters for his other townhome, which we were supposed to AIRBNB together. The day after t they finish painting...he pulls the plug telling me I can't do anything with the condo any more. It's absolutely nuts. I've been used .... keeping him afloat for a year. Now....I want to get paid before he sells the townhome tomorrow. My list of items I've worked on has stretched to over 700 completed tasks. I can screw this mechanics lien up on these two properties. Everything is riding on it for me. How detailed does it have to be? Do i have to have a contract? Can he evict me after 8 days even with all the cash i've given him?...Read More
Leslie Peters
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We sent a Notice of Intent and the customer has now paid their invoices. How do I show that paid and close this job out?...Read More
Cristi Spears
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TexasCredit Processes
do I get the contractor discount that I normally get when I buy in bulk...Read More
Jimmy Ramon
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TexasCredit Teams
After working for me for a few months, an employee paid as a contractor offered to work for no payment in lieu of my company paying her monthly mortgage, Which was done. She was also reimbursed for any expenses. Now she is leaving & presented me with a spreadsheet of a year's worth of "unpaid" salary. what do I do? My small company is in Texas. ...Read More
Terri Duncan
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TexasProfessional Development
I'm a 1099 contract vendor and my frist paycheck is being held and my contract does not state that this will happen. And no one informed me that this would happen. Now I can't make it to work ....Read More
Gene Brockett
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Seeking a modification on my loan. Deed of trust allow for a modification of a loan in Texas. Should the servicer offer me a modification?...Read More
Gayle Jessie
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I helped build a tank battery and was only paid $3800 when invoice turned in was $7142. Not even 1/2 of invoice. ...Read More
Shane Velasquez
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i received a document in the mail and don't know what it is for. reference # 5300870 if there is an outstanding invoice, it will need to be emailed to More
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I am a subcontractor in Texas, we completed a project back on April, the general contractor has not returned my e-mails regarding payment, Invoices are 51 past due days. Can I send the intent to file a lien to the owner of the project know or just an statement of unpaid invoices?...Read More
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I am a sub contractor and was not being paid for electrical work that was provided. With the help of your app I sent 4 threatening payment demand letters. Contractor paid and I do not see where I can apply the payment??...Read More
Deborah Tuttle
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We have an invoice that is past due for work completed in April as well as an invoice for the retention that was withheld on the project. We would like to know how we should proceed in sending out the correct notice. Should they both be included in one or separately?...Read More
Lindsey Miller
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