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South Carolina
Just am trying to get clarification as to the best practice to send my prelim. notices. ...Read More
Amy Levinson
1 answerAdd commentJul 14, 2021
South Carolina
sir i need your help i write propsals of purchasing of products for $8 and due to the price increasing and per unit and now is 25$ per unit how can re write variation of price after approvals thanks...Read More
1 answerAdd commentJun 21, 2021
South Carolina
We usually have a great relationship with our customers and are looking into Preliminary Notices for information purposes. We have never filed a preliminary notice however have a large job coming up and would like to issue one. Is this something you can assist with (informing us of the process and making sure the legal requirements are met)? What is the cost for this notice?...Read More
Renae Perotti
1 answerAdd commentJun 16, 2021
South Carolina