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Hi my name is Lavonne Mcallister I’ve been working for millennia properties as landscaper and getting paid has been like pulling a tooth.they pay when they want and get upset when u ask for it but right now I have a dept of about 38 plus thousand dollars I have invoices showing paper trail,along with emails,text messages full of requests to work,and broken promises to pay me n my workers have transformed this property and we need to be paid today they basically told ne to get an account to collect debt and flaunted how long it would take and how I would receive less someone please help I’m a small business owner who has dedicated my hard earned time n money to maintenance this property what I thought was my blessing has turned out to be a nightmare ...Read More
Lavonne McAllister
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Jessie Ramirez
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Can you send a NNP to a job that has no bond and that you have file an NTO for ? please advise, ...Read More
giselle rangel
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FloridaCredit Processes
WE have an older customer that we stopped doing work for back in 2019 due to payment issues, they are "under new management" and are interested in us working for them again. ...Read More
Toni White
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FloridaCredit ProcessesCredit Teams
For example. I have a lien waiver dated through 7/25/21, can our subcontractor sign over his rights on 7/15/21?...Read More
Victoria Reeder
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FloridaRisk Management
Florida state residential contractor . homeowner owes me 8k for materials & labor sealing exterior of home & buy & install 1k worth of siding. keep saying that he would pay than asked for more work & I said no till i have been paid. Now he wont pay at all. This has been going on for 1 to 2 years now. have done things for him for 20 years. never signed anything so ?...Read More
Allan Higgins
1 answerAdd commentAug 4, 2021
FloridaCustomer Relationships
I filed a mechanics lien in 2018. Within 1 year of my filing, the bank the filed foreclosure on the property and I lien was tied to the foreclosure. During the foreclosure process, I have been billed over $800 in processing fees. These fees are typically $17 - $20 for every motion in the case that have been sent to my cooperate registered agent. Yesterday, I learned the property is under contract and the title company asked for my final payout and I received a call from the homeowner who asked if I would settle for 1/2 of what I am owed. So, am I allowed to add these additional costs I have had to pay for the past couple of years that are directly associated with the cost of filing the lien? Thank you in advance....Read More
Rhonda Gracie
1 answerAdd commentAug 3, 2021
I am a LLC who does cleanings for hands to shine and the company will not pay for the jobs we did . How can i get paid ?...Read More
Nichole Norgren
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You have the wrong last date completed and I need to send an NOI...Read More
Deborah Maunakea
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I've never had to deal with a Georgia waiver before. We have a customer who is wanting us to do these waivers on jobs that I just billed them for and no payments have been made. The wording at the end of the waiver is unclear to us and we need to know what happens if we sign this waiver but don't end up getting paid? The wording is this: Notice: When you execute and submit this document, you shall be conclusively deemed to have been paid in full the amount stated above, even if you have not actually received such payment, 60 days after the date stated above unless you file either an affidavit of nonpayment or a claim of lien prior to the expiration of such 60 day period. If we haven't been paid anything yet, should we be signing a waiver that has this wording on it? Please advise...Read More
Dawn Noggle
1 answerAdd commentJul 16, 2021
Can a permit expediting company who services either contractor/company/homeowner by getting the permit to preform the work then not get paid...can file a mechanics lien to get paid for services rendered?...Read More
Rebecca A
1 answerAdd commentJul 15, 2021
I am a subcontrator doing framing for a customer home. the GC that contacted us got fired and a new GC took over, we kept working with them but the owner of the house got involved and is the person paying us. The customer stopped the job due to permitting issues for 2 months we got the property almost ready and he has two invoices not paid. They reached out to restart the job and we stated we will not start without the payments and he said he will no pay until we start working again. As a result, we cut ties due to the lack of agreement. How do I ensure to get pay when they do not want to pay for a job performed? I have filed a mechanic lien but we want our payment. Also since the job was never finalized, are we liable after they hire someone to finish it?...Read More
Emely Liranzo
1 answerAdd commentJun 25, 2021