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Notice of Intent to Lien
i filed a lein warning today. When and how long should i wait to file the actual lein?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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do I have to do a 10 day notice of intent before i do a lien? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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MichiganNotice of Intent to Lien
Hello, I would love and sincerely appreciate the assistance of a lien expert. I have a $30,000 Construction Lien that I am looking to commence as timely as possible in Michigan. However, I have had no luck with locating a lien liaison who can assist with filing the claim. Do you have any contacts or websites that you would reccommend? Please let me know either way. Thank you in advance. All the best, Christina...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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We are a machinery contractor and NEDEC Automotive purchased some machines from Honda in Georgia. The agreement was with NEDEC to pay half up front and remaining at completion and we have been waiting for a week for payment. So the machines will clear customs on Saturday into Mexico customs for processing so is there a lien to apply in this case? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganNotice of Intent to Lien
I had moved in with my daughter to help with the house payments... I was going to move to Hawaii but I wasn't ready and all my money went to her for the house..All my thing were at her home and when things didn't work out she dumped me on my xmotherinlaw...the corona hit....the island closed and is still closed...I have an apartment now in Memphis Mi and want some of my things I left at her house ....I sent her a message on 1/29 stating to bring the small things to her grandmothers and the rest i didn't want....sent her an email stating what I wanted...Her grandmother just told her to bring her my daughter said there isn't much....I think she destroyed or threw my things photos of my travels to Hawaii severl time....europe etc...all my photos family etc on big box that was in her room stored under the stairs.....anyway some things that can not be replaced....can I give them a net worth and through a lien on her house?????on her personally?there also is a gem stone collection worth over $5000 ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Do you E-record construction liens for Wayne County Michigan??? If so at what cost?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganLien DeadlinesNotice of Intent to Lien
I am a retired Licensed Builder, in the state of Michigan. I currently operate as a Handyman service. Recently, a friend of a friend recommeded me to repair an "old crooked wooden fence eyesore" and install new adjoining wooden fence to be close in appearance. Homeowner bought most of materials, (not all) and paid for all required rental equipment. I didn't really require a up front deposit of 50% ("friend"/trust???), but my friend suggested to homeowner it would be best, which I appreciated. Many unforseen problems with out of alignment wooden older fence, but it was corrected to homeowners satisfaction, before starting newer thicker wooden fence install, Spent more time and labor on older wooden fence. Before, completing "older wooden fence" homeower requested additional home repair/maintenance services, because they appreciated my attention to details. On November 28, 2020, we ( included two helpers) completed all work as requested. Homeowner provided me with a check for the work "we" had completed. The Problem was that the check was for the original estimated balance, plus $200.00... that homeower "hoped would make me happy", she states. I told the homeowner that I had not determined the final balance of additional requested services, and would advise accordinngly. Homeowner, was not happy, that I had not cashed the check, after a few days. Even after I submitted Final Balance including every thing, viaDirect Message to cellphone, with some "No Charge concessions". Homeowner stops payment on original check and remits Cashier check for the same amount. I didn't discover this until after the Holidays, thinking homeowner had included a little "extra to make me happy", again. Homeowner refuses now to respond to Direct Message via her cellphone, So, I sent a 5 page Notice to Set the Record Straight (Certified). Homeowner responds, with copy to attorney, saying I was threatening to: 1.) file a Mechanics Lien/Small claim court 2.) she would call City Inspection ( ignoring the fact that I told about inspections. that she refused) 3.) I am unlicensed and require a written contract ($600.00 or less) 4.) Saying that she "hope that would clear up thematter". Q: How would this matter be view via Michigan House Bill 4282? More specific details can be provided. Respectfully, AAA+ProHanDyHanDs Hjean Williams, Executive Project Manager 3900 Hammerberg Road - Suite 329 Flint, Michigan 48507...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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MichiganNotice of Intent to Lien