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On November 1st I hired a tile person to complete a job. He started the job, then did not finish the job. He basically texted me on November 20th he could not finish the job. He left all his tools, put me in a very stressful situation as I had on 3 days to have the tile job finished before renters arrived. It ended up costing me almost $400.00 more than his quote. I also had to go myself and collect all his tools. I never heard back from him until Yesterday evening he would like to collect his tools. What are my options as I feel like he abandoned them and he should pay me the difference of $400.00 if he wants his tools back. Thank you in advance for your advice. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlabamaNotice of Intent to Lien
We need a lawyer to file suit....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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We have Home owners not paying HAO dues...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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We put a Bond Claim and we have been paid in full and need to release it. It was in the state of Alabama....Read More
Eric Hays
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Hi For example metal construction.. How could I calculate daily percentage base amound quickly?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlabamaConstruction Accounting
I performed $6,145 worth of HVAC repair work on a high-rise apartment building. Now the management company will not answer calls or emails and it has been 88 days since billing and payment was promised within 60 days. Can I file a mechanics lien on the property if the management company owes me money? I am uncertain about who actually owns the building....Read More
Alex Berryman
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AlabamaMechanics Lien
Hello, can you help me with the following topics? Credit sale policy definition and elements . The importance of credit policy. How do we create a credit policy. How do we evaluate the efficiency of credit policy....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlabamaConstruction AccountingCredit Management
I’m a Alabama homeowner who recently had my roof successfully replaced, by a Georgia roofer. All my dealings, as well as payment in full, were with the roofer. I assume the roofer has not paid for his shingles (the 3rd party vendor, in Phoenix AR)....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlabamaMechanics Lien
Will a valid Change Order negate a Final Waiver, which might have already been executed for said project? Is the answer the same for all US States?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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AlabamaChange OrdersLien WaiversPay Applications
The contract in question on this project requires our company, Compaction And Recycling Equipment, Inc (CARE) to install four trash chutes into two new construction buildings for the University of AL (Tutwiler) Residence Hall student housing. Both buildings are on one contract however we installed one building in late August and the other last month. In talking to a Levelset representative (Jenny) about this matter earlier today - she advised that for the State of AL the lien must be filed within four months after the last work is complete and it is recommended that pre-lien notification be sent out to improve claimants position. It has been over four months since the completion of the first building but we are still wrapping up work on the second building, does our timing preclude us from filing on the first building or since both buildings are one contract can we utilize the second building date (last work mid DEC) for both buildings?...Read More
Gordon Lintner
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AlabamaLien Deadlines
We are a restoration company. We perform a storm job. ...Read More
Robert Citrangola
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The general contractor supposedly has an agreement with the owners to sell their property because of back taxes. The GC hired my plumbing company to do work but has missed paying me and I want to know could I still place a lien on the property even though property not owned by the general contractor...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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We have done countertops for a multiunit project and the company that hired us won't make the payments on the invoice they've owe. How can we put a lien, and this resolved?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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AlabamaConstruction AccountingMechanics Lien
We sent the notice of intent. We then received a change order. The owner is supposed to pay us. Our last day of work was 3/3/22. July 1st has come and gone. Is it too late to file the lien notice? We had a direct contract with the property owner....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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AlabamaLien Deadlines
We sent a notice in June. Missed the July deadline, because they paid part of the money they owed us. Now we are hitting on the date to file a suit for the balance due. Our attorney has a conflict of interest and can't help us with the case. Can you help us, please?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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AlabamaLawsuitLien on Funds