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Worker's Compensation Exemption/Lien

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We are doing a job and have subcontractors doing the work. Some of them have worker's compensation exemption forms and some do not. Is there a blanket waiver we can have them sign to exempt them from the one specific job? Would each member of the sub contractors team need to sign this or just the owner of the company?

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Oct 18, 2021
You have a legal obligation to make sure that each person working under you has workers compensation coverage or a waiver. The owners of the subcontractor company (and the number is restricted) may obtain waivers, but most certainly not any of their workers. Without an insurance certificate covering the workers, you become the insurer. Substantial penalties can be imposed on you if uninsured workers are found on your job. Under some circumstances criminal charges can be made. Don't chance it. Subcontractors with workers must have a comp insurance certificate or they should not be on the job.

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