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Will my Mechanics Lien be valid?

CaliforniaMechanics Lien

Contractor, did 85% of the Job. Received 50% of payment. Contacted the client back to finish the work and have been unable to set a date for finishing the job due to client busy or out of town (avoiding). Will the Mechanics Lien be valid if I did the work 9 months ago? (have been trying to contact client since then). Am I past the "90 day" window. Or is this a lost cause?

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Feb 2, 2023

Depends upon a number of factors that go beyond your question. However, in answering your question as asked, if the project is not finished you may still be able to file the mechanics lien after giving the owner a termination letter. You should probably consult with a construction law attorney before serving the letter and filing the lien. 

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