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Will a lein get me paid?

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I’m a subcontractor that did some work at a liquor store. The company i got the work through is refusing to pay and I have talked with the liquor store and they have paid the full invoice already. I paid for all materials and both me and the general supplied labor. I have $15,000 in just coat wrapped into this project and have not received a penny. We are supposed to be splitting profits 50/50 and the more I ask for money the more the general says essentially there are no profits but is still refusing to pay my costs. Total invoice for the job was in excess of $40,000 and from my records I believe I am owed $24,000. I did serve the liquor store owner with a pre lein notice at the beginning but haven’t served a intent letter yet.

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Nov 23, 2020
I could help you get paid. Feel free to email me directly to help collect the debt from the liquor store or from the general contractor. You said you pre-liened it but have you placed an actual lien on the building within 120 days of last efforts. If not you can still sue the general contractor if that is who you contracted thru. Good luck. My rate is $300 per hour.

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