Why do I need to send a preliminary notice in California as a sub sub?

4 months ago

Hi there, I’m working on a residential job in California and was told by the guy who hired me that I should be sending a preliminary notice as a sub-sub. Why should I send this? And does that mean I need to follow the subcontractor requirements? What do I do?

Chief Legal Officer Levelset

In California, all projects participants (other than wage laborers) must send a preliminary notice in order to retain the right to later file a mechanics lien. And, it’s a good idea to send a preliminary notice even without respect to lien rights, in order to provide visibility to other interested parties on the project, and to avoid potential penalties. Since the notice requirement is so crucial to the state’s construction payment process, these notices are required, and a contractor can be fined by the California State Licensing Board for not sending a preliminary notice.<br><br>

A sub-subcontractor must provide a preliminary notice to the property owner, the prime contractor, and the construction lender (if any) within 20 days from first providing labor or materials to the project. The notice may be sent after the 20-day deadline, but it will only work to protect the value of the labor or materials furnished beginning from the date 20 days prior to the dat neon which the notice was sent.

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