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9 months ago

Good Afternoon, we are located in Benson NC and have a Customer in Pembroke NC that is not paying a large sum of money. Which firm would you recommend for us? This was a Design Build Job completed at cost plus 20%. Customer was given a copy of all of our vendor invoices.

President Rauch-Milliken International, Inc.
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Good afternoon, I would recommend a certified commercial collection agency that is a member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America who is licensed and bonded in NC.  My firm is a chartered member licensed in NC and I would be happy to give you a contingency fee quote if you would like to email me some information about the debt to srauch@rauchmilliken.com .  All the best on getting your account resolved.  Steve Rauch

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Senior Legal Associate Levelset
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Levelset has Construction Payment Experts in just about every state that are available to answer construction law and construction payment questions. At the moment – it looks like Melissa Brumback of Ragsdale Liggett is the only North Carolina attorney active on the Expert Center, so reaching out to her might be a good start for finding a North Carolina construction lawyer. Of course, there are other sites online – such as Avvo or FindLaw– which can help to find the right construction lawyer in North Carolina.

Also, keep in mind that a lawyer won’t be necessary for every construction dispute. Often, pursuing payment via collections, invoice reminders, demand letters, Notices of Intent to Lien, or even a mechanics lien filing can be effective to recover payment. Granted, some situations will require a construction lawyer to aid in recovery.

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