Where do I find a Nevada preliminary lien form?

8 months ago

We are a subcontractor on a project in Nevada. Our business headquarters is in California, but we do work in Northern Nevada. Since Our office is located in California and the job is in Nevada do we file a California Preliminary Notice or a Nevada Preliminary Notice?

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The mechanics lien and preliminary notice rules of the state where the project is located will apply, regardless of where the contractor or sub is based, themselves. This is because mechanics lien rights arise in the land where the project is located – so if the property being improved is located in Nevada, then Nevada’s rules will apply!

If you’d like more information on Nevada’s preliminary notice requirements, you can find those here: Do I Need to Send a Nevada Preliminary Notice?. You can also download Nevada’s preliminary notice form on that page, or here: Nevada Construction Lien & Payment Forms.

This article may also be helpful: Nevada Preliminary Notice Guide – All You Need to Know.

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