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What type of lien can i file?

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I was a consultant on a project. Consulted in real estate, design, building inspections. What lien can i file?

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May 22, 2020
California mechanics lien rights are available to those who permanently improve the project property. Often, this will include roles like construction managers, depending on the specific work they do and where they do it. Further, licensed and registered design professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors) will have lien rights too. Still, by and large, lien rights are generally restricted to those who perform work on-site and physically improve the project property. With that being said, if you haven't performed any site work, if you haven't managed or coordinated work on the job, or if you aren't licensed or registered as a design professional, then mechanics lien rights likely won't be available. These resources should be useful: - Construction Managers Probably Can File Mechanic Liens in California – Even Without A License - Who can file a California Mechanics Lien?

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