What steps does a specialty contractor take to file a lien in WA state?

8 months ago

In reviewing the info posted on this site, it specifies “general contractor” and “subcontractor”, but I am not licensed as either. In WA you must select the type of construction you will be performing, and then you are licensed as that specific contractor. There are different requirements and fees to become a “general contractor.”
As a Concrete Contractor, what steps do I take to file a mechanic’s lien? I did not file a preliminary notice at the brginning of this project; I had a contract signed by the homeowner.


If you are licensed with L&I you should be fine. If you are not, you have zero lien rights.

In this case did you contract directly with a residential owner? If so, and you did not have the Notice to Customer / model disclosure signed before work started, you have zero lien rights. If you were a subcontractor, you can still lien for your labor — if you are still within 90 days of your last day of work on the project.


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