What should be included in a project close out package from a subcontractor to a contractor?

8 months ago

I am a licensed plumbing contractor, I was asked by a GC to provide a close out package for a commercial project we finished. I don’t have forms for this in place and am not entirely sure what to include. Please help, thank you.

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What documents should be included in a closeout package may vary quite a bit from contractor to contractor. So, it would be helpful to reach out to the party requesting a closeout package and asking them which documents they’re expecting. That should help clear up any confusion.

Generally, though, closeout documents should include some or all of these documents:

– any final invoices or pay apps,
– associated lien waivers,
punch list and verification that it’s been completed,
– documentation that any required inspections have been completed and passed

For a little more discussion on project closeout: Project Closeout: Best Practices for Closing Out and Getting Paid.

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