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What license is needed to work in Florida for a company that is from another state?


We have a potential client in Florida asking us to provide them a full-time scaffolding, insulation and general labor crew. Our company is out of Texas, so we are trying to figure out what permits, or licensing we would need to acquire before moving forward with a commitment.

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Aug 6, 2022

In Florida, the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) is responsible for licensing and regulating the construction industry. The CILB licenses individuals as contractors to perform construction work pursuant to Chapter 489, Florida Statutes.  In order to do business as an individual or as any business entity other than a sole proprietorship, the contractor must be approved to qualify that business entity.  Each construction business must be qualified by a properly licensed individual contractor in order to engage in construction activities in Florida.  There are 12+ construction license categories. As of 8/6/22, Texas is not on the CILB reciprocal state list. The type of license and required qualifications depends on further specifics. Always check with the CILB for current license reciprocal listings as well as specific information you might be in need of regarding licensed construction work in Florida. Hopefully this brief answer helps get you started. Please contact me if you would like to confidentially discuss specific details about your situation.  


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