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What law suite can i file ? What can i do now ?


I have a Contract/Agreement with this Contractor to purchase 80% share of his company for $80k, in exchange the Contractor will provide services for the Comp I've purchase and with an agreement that he will refund back all my money if i decide to bail out within 5yrs. I have only been with the Comp for about 2 and half year and decided to withdraw my Stake in the company, and that was like 1 year ago. Up until now i didn't get any money back from the Contractor nor giving me any date to return my money. And he's not answer my call nor text. I do have that Contract with the contractor in hand and now i am done with the wait so i want to file a criminal law suite for this guy. Can someone help ? Or even give me advice on what should i do about my Situation. Thank you so much. Please contact me at 669-235-0917

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