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what kind of lien do i file

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I am a insulation contractor and i was hired to do a new construction job. Home owners paid partial payment, but are refusing to make the remaining payment. Not sure what kind of lien if I need to do a mechanics lien?

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Aug 4, 2020
If you've provided work on a construction project but haven't been paid for that work, then a mechanics lien (also sometimes called a "construction lien") can be an extremely useful tool for forcing payment. Generally, mechanics lien rights will be available to contractors, subs, suppliers, and equipment rental companies in Idaho. They'll also be available for engineers, licensed surveyors, and others providing on-site management or supervision on-site. For more background on how mechanics lien rights work in Idaho, this page will be helpful: Idaho Mechanics Lien FAQs. If you decide that a mechanics lien is right for you, this guide will be useful: How to File an Idaho Mechanics Lien – Step by Step Guide to Get You Paid. And, finally, keep in mind that threatening a mechanics lien is a powerful way to force payment, in its own right: What is A Notice of Intent to Lien And Should I Send One?
Dec 21, 2020
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