What is the difference between DB and DBB contract procurement method?

2 weeks ago

In design bid build procuremt process, who is responsible for.the design, client or bidder? On the other hand in design build process, will client or contractor be responsible for the design?
Because, if a contractor or bidder design and later lose the contract who pays for the cost of design?

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On design-bid-build projects, the design phase is broken up from the build phase. The project is designed by the project owner and/or their architects, engineers, designers, etc. And, once that design is in hand, different bidders – typically, general contractors – then bid on

On a design-build project, the builder is typically the one who will also design the project. So, the builder will usually be a contractor with an in-house design team, or a contractor partnering or working closely with architects, engineers, and designers. For design-build projects, the customer may provide some type of allowance or set off to help with costs the design portion since only one party will win the project. However, it’s common for bidders on a design-build project to incur costs that won’t be reimbursed when proposing the design of a project.

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