What happened to the lien i filed

2 weeks ago

I filed a lien against Hotel make over and i wonder where its at, or if they got a release some how

Senior Legal Associate Levelset

If you’ve filed a mechanics lien and there’s been no enforcement action, no official challenge, and no notice that the lien was bonded off, then odds are that the lien is still filed against the property with the county recorders office. But, it’s always possible the lien was challenged and ultimately released, or that something else may have happened that affected the lien claim. Further, if the lien expired, the owner may have been able to remove the lien without notice to the lien claimant.

To check on a lien that’s been filed, it might be helpful to contact the county recorder’s office to see if there’s anything more recent in the record which might affect the lien claim.

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