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TexasNotice of Intent to Lien

OK, so a company in vegas is buying flooded homes in houston, they have a realtor there that is a realtor here, who hired a guy to find people to rehab the homes. The guy hired someone who then hired a company who I am a sub-contractor project manager for. The company then fire the company saying "work not done correctly", then told the workers they were not allowed to retrieve their tools unless they signed a paper to work for them, so the only people that lost in this was the owner of the company and me, the project manager. what do i need to send to the owner (company) about payment? What I' looking for is a demand letter letting them know my intent to file a lien

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Jul 13, 2018
I'm sorry to hear about that - and that's a very complex dispute. First, sending a demand and threat of lien before filing one is a great idea. Filing a mechanics lien can become a nightmare for everyone involved, so if a dispute can be resolved prior to a lien filing, it's usually preferable. Sending a document such as a Notice of Intent to Lien can go a long way on this front. A Notice of Intent to Lienzl acts sort of like a warning shot - it states that if payment doesn't come, a lien will be filed. Plus, it's inexpensive and risk free, compared to immediately filing a lien - if a claimant remains unpaid, they still have the flexibility to handle the matter in the manner they wish. You can download a free form of zlien's Texas Notice of Intent to Lien here to prepare and send the notice yourself. As an alternative, you could also send it via the zlien Document Navigator, here.
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