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What Form do I need to file a Lien on property.

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Could you tell me what form I have to fill out to put Lien on Private property in Michigan. The contractor took my money upfront for painting my house and did not finish the job. He owned me $2342. I have a Judgement against him, but he did not pay me back.

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May 26, 2021
Hi there, this is not a construction law inquiry, but rather how best to enforce / collect on a judgment as between a Judgment Creditor and a Judgment Debtor. Is the Contract / Judgment against a person or business? The real estate would need to be owned by the party you have a Judgment against. My preference is not to escalate and put a lien on real estate if it can be avoided. There are other avenues like periodic and non-periodic garnishments against wages or a bank account, or levying assets like a vehicle, or a Michigan Income Tax Refund garnishment. A well drafted letter applying fact to law, and possibly citing the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, or Builders Trust Fund Act allowing for statutory damages and / or attorney fees, depending on the facts and on the merits — should move the needle. Then there is an administrative complaint with licensing authorities if the party is licensed as additional leverage to make your grievance front row and center in terms of the Judgment Debtor’s attention. Good luck.

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