What exactly does it mean when it says that a fingerprint is required for a background check?

8 months ago

If you happen to have a felony on your record will that get in the way of you trying to take the GE exam?

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The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board requires applicants to submit fingerprints from one of the vendors that have been certified and registered by the FL Dept. of Law Enforcement. A list of providers can be found here. This is a state and national criminal background check to verify if there is any criminal activity that would prevent licensing. Although there is no specific listing of convictions, the board will typically look for crimes involving fraud or deceit.

If the background check does reveal criminal history, the department will review the application to determine whether or not it will disqualify the applicant from becoming licensed. This might also require you to personally appear before the board.

One thing to note, if you are aware of the felony charge, be sure to include it in the application ahead of time. Be honest. Full disclosure is always recommended, and will result in the board reviewing the application in a more favorable light.

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