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what are the steps i can do to regain money owe to me by homeowner?

CaliforniaMechanics Lien

My company was hire by the owner to preform a job at his house. we started the job at June 6th and finished it at July 20th 2022. I still have not got a full payment. I found out owner put his house for sell on the market. He is currently in Europe and he does not communicate. He sent small portion of money via zelle to our business bank account, but the balance due is in the thousands. I sent via levelset a preliminary notice on September 23rd by email and certified mail by today September 27th. Can i still record a lien against the property to assure i get my money? since the house for sale on the market? I just sent the notice not long ago, but I'm afraid the house would be sell by the time i record the lien? what can i do? any advice will be helpful, Sincerely, Gil Ben Dor 619-621-1233

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Sep 28, 2022
A licensed contractor has 90 days from the date of completion to record the mechanics lien. You can call levelset directly for assistance in filing the lien.
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Nov 24, 2022

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