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What are my options I have video evidence that proof to prove every statement


I reside at 4382 W Gill Pl. Denver Co. 80219. I'm a victim of Retaliatory eviction by my landlord Maria Adelina Arevalo Jimenez. I arrived here on 10/14/2021 when i first came i saw that the entire property was kept with Electricity by running 20 extension cords, 2 extensions per tenant (6 rooms, 2 additional rooms being illegally built on rear of the property by her contractor that has originally built all the illegal construction on site. While I performed research on this particular property this property was originally built as a 1 bedroom house 1 bathroom 835 tt2. Today the house has 6 complete rooms, 2 complete restrooms, and 2 additional rooms being built on the rear of the property. Each room has a mini fridge powered by extension cords. On October 22nd 2021 Verbally agreed on replacing the breaker box on the interior of property as well as outdated breakers (Breaker box damaged and burned out to the point i couldn't just replace breakers, also a few minor repairs where all the church people herself and Emilio Guzman did electrical work in the past). (1st portion of agreement satisfied on 10/23rd/2021) received keys to a 2003 FORD ESCAPE XLT 123,000 miles and a Brand new Lenovo Chromebook laptop with HP ENVY 6400 all in one wireless printer we obtained at Best Buy no vehicle title handed but landlord Maria Jimenez compromised in giving it to me in a week.) The following days she wanted two tenants that lived in one of the rvs evicted due to drinking and drug abuse problems, a literal house inspection where i also inspected attic, crawl space and structure of property. Where i brought to her attention the problems she needed to address immediately (plumbing leaks,drywall holes and exposed electrical wiring on every room of the property done by the many people she had working in her electrical in the past, Foundation shifted on a critical level to where house is sinking and deteriorated by plumbing leaks, More electrical issues in attic where i told her she was lucky no 1 ever died or where a fire was imminent if she didn't a rewiring on entire property and updated the electrical from 100 AMP- 200 AMP service update including a new bigger breaker box and panel with a new meter outside the property because the original one is in one of the rooms major violation being rented by NIck. This is what I strongly advised her to address immediately!. Maria once again trusted in getting advice from Emilio Guzman, her personal contractor who doesn't have the minimum knowledge in construction but charges cheaper than anyone. She's used in all the innovations in her property without permits or inspections required by law. Since I don't have a licence for electrical I accepted in guiding her every step of the way on how to obtain permits and to get the job done on her own without having to use a mlic. electrician. Just the EXCEL to do the service update from the light pole to the new meter and new breaker box.n As well as assisting in the rewiring of the entire house including the two new additional rooms being built by Emilio Guzman Came to a verbal oral agreement of $13,000.00 USD and a 2004 WHITE CONVERTIBLE FORD MUSTANG 103,000 miles that she handed me the keys on October 29th 2021. I received keys to the Mustang except the title because she looked for it and couldn't find it, and $300.00. cash. to pay an electrician. On November 1st 2021 she was served with a notice of violation(s) and Order to comply by CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER Community planning and development zoning and neighborhood inspection services (CHRISTOPHER ARCHULETA) Inspector , for the following violations 59-93(b)(2), 10. 4. 6. 4. Her deadline to comply is 11/16/2021. On November 8th 2021 Maria from advise of her General Contractor Emilio Guzman Install Locks on doors that for the past two yrs didn't even had a doorknob according to Jose the oldest existing tenant she has, this day she also violates our last verbal/oral agreement which we both agreed refusing to conclude our electrical. According to Maria Jimenez, she quoted " I need to take care of her priorities which was the cleaning of entire property to pass inspection knowing there's no working appliances the place is 100% uninhabitable tenants living in inhumane conditions without heat,plumbing issues, exposed wiring among other major problems. Maria's brother Armando, sister in law and kids assisted Maria Jimenez in taking vehicles parked in front of the driveway as well as tools and miscellaneous items to a storage room according to Maria Jimenez. I asked the landlord if she could park my FORD ESCAPE at her storage due to the limited parking spaces used just in this property didnt want to risk it. I was driving the mustang at that time. So I handed her the keys in person. On November 9th the keys to my Ford Escort were missing as well as tools i left inside original property i asked her about what had happened she said she had gave them to her brother to put it in the storage for me since i was busy helping out on the cleaning of the property making an inventory list handed to Maria by me to best give her an idea of what she owned or obtained somehow tools in general. Her car was vandalized on October 22nd 2021 @ approximately 2:23 PM. I was originally working inside the property and didn't see anything until the aftermath. I was asked by Maria, my Landlord to make a formal report which I couldn't. Due to the facts i didn't see anything or wasn't then owner of the vehicle.I had lent to Maria my car, the mustang on multiple occasions. Until she had money for windshield replacement. On November 10th 2021, i was awaken by Maria Jimenez to please let her borrow my Mustang to run an arron, i was sleeping so just barely opened my door and handed her my keys when in within 10-15 min she comes looking for me to talk about my cars and deal we had was off. Next to here was a tall Male approximately 6 ft or taller slim guy that didn't identify himself but was the nephew of Maria. Maria denied to give me the keys to my Mustang back and wanted to do an illegal lockout on me. Henry and myself where Harassed by Maria Jimenez, Emilio Guzman, and nephew multiple times in the past 2-3 days prior to this day, but having a kind heart its not good anymore because people take advantage like in this case. Henry Hoadley a older Veteran and my self were verbally and physically assaulted by Marias nephew. Immediately called the authorities. Upon their arrival i wanted to press charges but due to the nature of fact that Maria, Emilio, and her nephew told the cops Henry and i assaulted him first. I got my house keys back but Maria took Possession of my Mustang reclaiming everything i earned with hard worked Long more than 12 hr a day shifts denying m,e and having Emilio lie as well to discredit everything i've done. Accusing me of Stealing tools among stealing my Ford Escape as well among other false accusations. On November 13th 2021 i was awaken by Emilio Guzman who tried serving me unlawful Eviction paperwork, i immediately contacted the police and they explained to her i was never served because she wrote those papers herself without proof of receipt from court. In this unlawful eviction papers Maria wrote and signed that '' i violated the terms and conditions of my lease by failing to comply with the following covenants or conditions of the lease. He only gave $200.00 for rent. I have problems with him he was going to do a job of electricity the he never did and stole two cars and n wants me to pay $13,000.00 USD in total for a job he never did.'' the date she sign on paperwork 11/2/21 also dated and sign by her rent and possession due on 11/08/2021 another false statement signed and dated by Maria Jimenez my landlord. On November 16th 2021 i was inadequate served by landlord a notice to quit that expired on 11/19/2021 @11:59 PM. for the following violations. '' Setting fires inside the yard, threatening landlord,placing ammunition on mailbox, he has stolen tools, laptop, copy machine and other belongings, verbally assaults daily, he keeps touching electrical wiring after he was told by cop not to.''

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