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Waiting on outcome of case


I have a case pending , where as I worked for a homeowner to do carpentry remodel on their residence. I was paid by the hour and turned over receipts to get reimbursed for material. They pulled the permit. I told them I couldn’t pull the permit because I’m not state license contractor. The job was over an 8 month timeframe. 13 invoices were paid. 2 invoices have not, for a total of $6125.00 due me. We went to court last Monday 6/14/21. The judge is reviewing the evidence and I’m waiting on his response. The couple also got divorced during construction and I was replace/ fired from the project. The attorney pointed out I had no business filing suit because I wasn’t licensed. I told him I was working directly for the homeowner as a carpenter and prior to the divorce the husband was working with me. So what are your thoughts.

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Jul 14, 2021

If you had the trial already (most likely in Magistrate Court) then at this point the only thing to do is wait on the Court to rule. If one of their defenses to your lawsuit was that you were an unlicensed contractor doing work requiring a license, then the homeowner may very well win as that is a proper defense.


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