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Unauthorized work, never notified, and now threatening a mechanics lien

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A septic company is threatening a mechanics lien on our an Indiana County property, as we have not paid the bill of $980. The septic company was hired, by us, to perform a County inspection, necessary for "transfer of property". The inspector, from Septic company, performed the inspection on April 21, and stated our septic would pass inspection, after the d-box lid "cap" was replaced. It was thoroughly broken, when uncovered. (broken by the inspector while digging, but unproved) The inspector, of Septic company , said they could replace the lid "cap", and then send in the report to the County, and everything will pass..The inspector said it would be "inexpensive" to put a new cap on the d-box. We gave them oral permission to replace the cap (only) and then send in the report to the County Health Dept. The house is vacant. Unannounced, and with no authorization nor notification, the Septic company, same as did our inspection, came to the house on May 1, 2021, and replaced the entire d-box and charging us $980 for this work. They are now threatening a lien on the property, which has a closing date of June 4th...What can we do? What rights do we have? No work was ever authorized in writing. Thank you,

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May 27, 2021
You are on solid legal standing, and the lien is just a threat. It cannot hold up.

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