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Retention payment to subcontractor

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Anonymous contractor
Aug 13, 2020

Hello As a California subcontractor how long can the general contractor hold our retention? We have been finished with our portion of work for 3 months, but the overall project isn’t complete. Dies the entire project need to be complete in order for us to receive our final payment? Thank you

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Anonymous contractor
Aug 20, 2020
CA contractors must release retainage to their subs within 10 days of when they receive retainage, themselves. And, to be sure, the deadline for the owner to pay retainage to their contractor is 45 days after completion. Of course, it's not unheard of for a subcontractor to request the early release of retainage - especially when their work is complete and there are no signs of any workmanship issues. And, depending on the relationships in play, a contractor may grant that request. For further discussion on CA's retainage rules: (1) California Retainage Laws | A Guide to Private & Public Projects; and (2) California Retainage Rules & FAQs.

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