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Qualification question

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Anonymous contractor
Oct 11, 2020

Going to be competing a five year apprenticeship program in California shortly, will I receive three years of credit towards my contractors requirements? Meaning all I would need is one year as a journeyman plumber to qualify for applying for my contractors license? Or do I need another 4 years as a journeyman to apply? Would working on my own for simple jobs under 500 dollars for a year complete all needed work experience?

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Anonymous contractor
Oct 12, 2020

I believe your experience as an apprentice will count for your experience relating to obtaining a license, since your apprentice program would include working as a plumer for that time period. However, to make sure, you should contact the California State Contractors Board and speak to them. You should get a definitive answer from them, or they can point you to where you can find the inforamtion you seek. I know that schooling can be used as experience in the State of Nevada and these two states have very similar laws. I am not sure if you can use your time working on your own as a plumber as experience towards a license, since Plumbing is one of the highly regulated licenses. You should ask the Contractors Board about that one. I think you would be better off continuing to work for a licensed plumber for another year, if possible, and then getting your license after that. 


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