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Property Manager Signed Contract

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Hello, I am doing work with an apartment complex as a general contractor. I wanted to know if the property manager signs the contract and we do not get paid, is this contract still enforceable or does the property owner himself need to sign it? Thank You.

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Jun 12, 2019
That's a great question. Very typically, an apartment's property manager acts as the agent of the property owner in order to manage the property - including entering into contracts for the improvement of the property. Because the property owner is acting on behalf of the property owner to contract for improvements, rather than in their own interest, a property owner will usually be bound by the agreements their property manager enters into for the improvement of their property as long as that's within the power and duties of the property manager.

So, unless a project arises under unusual pretenses, an owner will usually be bound by the contracts their property manager agrees to - and the contract will be enforceable. In order to clearly indicate a contract is for the benefit of the owner's property and that the project manager is agreeing to the project on behalf of that owner, it's a good idea to have a property manager indicate their status as the agent of the owner on the right in the contract. Further, getting the owner's signature on the contract, while not always necessary, can help to avoid confusion, too.
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