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We missed one of our project deadlines to enforce our lien but we were given a Surety bond. How do I collect on the bond provided as our customer is not responsive?

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Feb 2, 2021

So, there are two paths. 

First obviously is the lien. I cannot tell you what effect missing any particular notice/lien deadline will have, but I can tell you lien law is complicated and therefore all may not be lost. But MOVE FAST.

Secondly, while your customer may not be responsive, a bond on the project does not protect your customer from being sued by you directly. Sometimes a letter from an attorney is better at getting certain folks attention. And failing that, the filing of a lawsuit. Often times this approach can be just as effective as a lien/bond claim.

In short, do yourself a big favor and hunt for a construction attorney like myself or the many other very talented attorneys that frequent this site and get working with that attorney asap so that he or she has the best chance at maximizing your claim and gettnig you paid.

Very Best,

Ben House



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