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Prevailing wages question

OhioPrevailing Wages

Hello, my husband works for a company in Ohio that cleans large HVAC systems for large businesses and government buildings. Allot of there jobs are government contracts. When he asks leadership about prevailing wages when they work government buildings there answer is always they didn't put it in the bid and that's why they got the job. Which I thought was not legal. He recently started a job for the Ross county correctional institution and was told he would be getting prevailing wage since it's again a government job. However today on his paycheck he has his normal rate under the prevailing wage hours. When he asked about this to his boss he was told that they had to list it that way to separate the hours but that the prevailing wages are less then his hourly wage. But when I looked that information up everything I'm finding says something completely different and that the actual prevailing wages are anywhere from $8 to $15 dollars more an hour on top of his hourly rate. We are at a complete loss and don't know what we can do to get the correct information or how we can make this right. I'm hoping you can help lead us in the right direction and tell me if this is something that's legit or are they doing something illegal. Thank you

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