Please Advise what direction to go

2 months ago

I have a client i have been servicing for 15 plus years, that has fallen on hard times and I they have not paid me for service.We have been billing for 2 properties the last check I received was 705.00 on june 2019 they have a balance of 5745.00 and they have been billed for all invoices on time . would I file a lein or small claims.
Thank you

Additional info about this contractor
Project Role: Owner
Project Type: Residential

You are likely past the deadline to file a lien so small claims is your best option. Good luck!

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Small claims is probably going to be the route. But it depends on the nature of the work performed and the agreement. The deadline to record a mechanic’s lien is generally 90 days from project completion. But if you have been performing work on the same project for a sustained period of time, you might argue that it is a continuation of the same work, especially if the work is performed pursuant to the same contract. Under these circumstances you may still have time to file a lien, if you have performed work within the last 90 days. This might be worth a try if warranted, as recording a lien may amount apply sufficient pressure to secure payment.

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