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CaliforniaLien Waivers

We wanted to confirm this order is still active and current. We have still not been paid by this client. We also want to know if this lien ever expires and if so what are our next steps to make sure we stay on top of this lien.

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Jun 4, 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Prelims in California are filed at the start of the job and generally last the duration of the job. Prelims work to preserve lien rights and create visibility.

Liens on the other hand, do have an expiration date. For liens in California , if no action is taken within 90 days of the recording date, then the lien claim expires and is no longer enforceable. 

Working with a construction attorney in the state where the project took place can be helpful. They can review the case and your contract, provide advice on whether enforcing the lien would be beneficial, and present other options that may help you get paid. Here is the list of California construction attorneys in the Levelset community.

I do wish you the best with this!



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