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Opposite end question.

CaliforniaConstruction Contract

We signed a contract with vague no details on pricing, equipment/materials used n estimated time for completion. It was for water damage repair from leaking water heater. Final bill was $40K! Other companies estimated 4-8k. Is this something my family can fight?

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May 9, 2021
Yes. A Contractor working on a residence in California is required to provide owners with a written Home Improvement Contract for a fixed price. You may consider filing a complaint with the Contractors State License Board. I suggest you discuss your situation with an attorney who is experienced with construction law to assist you.
May 11, 2021

Thank u. I'm now wondering if he is not required to have a license to remove standing water n leave machines running. I understand that mitigation is different than restoration. Can contractor put lien on home without disclosing his contractor license? 

May 11, 2021
You should be able to look up the contractor's license at the Contractors State License Board website (www.cslb.ca.gov). This will tell you the type of license that the contractor has, whether the license is in good standing, and whether the contractor maintains workers compensation insurance. A contractor does not need to disclose licensing in order to record a mechanics lien against your property. Again, I suggest that you have a lawyer experienced with construction law assist you.

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