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My ex husband is threatening to file a Mechanics lien on my house I am putting up for sale. He has never done any work for me on this house at all. Is this something he can do? We are in the midst of a custody case and he is trying to intimidate me. How can I make sure the lien isn’t filed and I don’t have this ruin my purchase and sale of the home?

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An Ohio mechanics lien is available for any “person who performs work or labor upon or furnishes material in furtherance of any improvement undertaken.” The term improvement is defined as “the constructing, erecting, altering, repairing, demolishing, or removing any building or appurtenance thereto, fixture, bridge, or other structure.”

Therefore, if there was no labor or materials provided to your property pursuant to an improvement (i.e. some form of construction), then the individual will not be able to file a valid mechanics lien.

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