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Notice to owner, our customer is in FL-their customer in IL

FloridaPreliminary Notice

We are a subcontractor supplying materials. What's our exposure if our customer has a location in Fla, we contract to deliver material to cust. in Fla, & they then ship goods to their cust in IL? How do we cover ourselves on this?

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Feb 24, 2021
Hi, you might want to contact the vendor and request immediate rectification, and to send the materials to the Florida Location as soon as possible. Now, it would also be wise to have your providers sign an agreement to "indemnify and hold harmless." Good luck.
Feb 24, 2021

Sorry, let me clarify. We have not started shipping materials yetb but will be soon. The issue is, we are selling to our customer in FL, our customer is working on the project in IL. How to we protect our payments?

Feb 24, 2021
There are many mechanism you can use to make sure your customer pays for the goods/materials: 1) Taking due diligence and requesting commercial references to see whether the company has a good record of honoring its credits, 2) Asking for a personal guaranty of the members or shareholders, 3) filing a financing statement regarding the goods/materials sold on credit, 4) asking to make a deposit on an escrow account payable upon receipt of the materials, by your FL customer. I am giving you general examples, but you should take a couple of minutes to consult with an attorney, providing all the details of the transaction so you are on the safe side. . Good luck! Cesar Duenas, Esq. 561-922-3583

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