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Non performing contractor


I have started 2 different remodeling jobs with one contractor, the required upfront payments were made in July and September and no work has been done on either project. I have read about the new law requiring permit in 30 days and work to begin in 90 neither of what has happened. Whats the best remedy moving forward if I would like a full refund and to move on to another contractor?

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Nov 27, 2021

While it is true there is a general statutory duty to move forward with projects in the referenced timeline, formal notice needs to be provided to trigger remedies under the statute and there are exceptions to the general rule. It would be prudent to consult with experienced construction counsel to review the contract's terms and conditions, the reasons for delay, and the specific facts before moving forward, as well as to review the legal and practical implications of the various remedies. Owners can be caught in a bit of Hobson's choice if materials have been ordered or no alternative contract available at a similar price or without further delays. 


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