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MontanaMechanics Lien
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Anonymous contractor
Aug 29, 2020

I started an office to home remodel for this lady, she signed an estimate for me, she was supposed to pay for all materials,I ended up paying for 80 percent of materials, soni could get the job done for her, she's paid half of original total and now wont pay other half, its been 90 days and I havent filed a lien what do I do,

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Anonymous contractor
Sep 1, 2020
As you've noted in your question, the deadline to file a mechanics lien in Montana is 90 days after the last date you furnished labor or materials to the project, or, if a Notice of Completion was filed, then 90 days from that date. In any case, if this 90-day deadline has passed, a mechanics lien will no longer be an option. There are other legal avenues you can take to recover payment from your customer. Most notably a lawsuit for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. Also, if the amount in dispute is less than $7K, you may be able to bring these actions in MT small claims court. For a closer look at these options and more see:

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