Mechanic lien for parts and repairs against individual

4 months ago
State: Texas

My ex had offered me the use of one of his vehicles a few mths ago, but within 2 weeks I started learning of several things that needed to be repaired that he hadn’t informed me of but was fully aware needed to be done.
Because I desperately needed transportation at that time I bought the parts as issues came up and he demanded to do the repairs himself which was a disaster all way around since I needed the car to be able to work and he would delay doing repairs after I purchased the parts until he decided I should be able to work. He would also come retrieve the car at his whim if wanted to despite even offering to transfer the title and gift me the car if I would be in a personal relationship with him and as a replacement for my own car he had blown the engine in last year after taking my keys and “making a repair” after being b told leave it alone.
After the 4th time having to replace parts for repairs he had neglected to have taken care of within a 3 mth period and his guarantee it’ll be running and back to me within a day or so after 3 weeks I was forced find another car and not lose more work only to have him refuse to reimburse me for the parts on vehicle I didn’t have agreed use of or return the parts to me but within 3 days it was suddenly repaired with parts I purchased and given to a family member of his and I was told that I had been duped into paying for the parts under false intentions just for that purpose.
Can I not sure for breach of promise, the parts, loss of income as well as emotional and physical distress from his actions? I have all receipts proving I purchased the parts as well as countless txts, emails and recorded phone conversation as to the original agreement? Also he has refused to remove me off of the insurance in order to get his reduced rate and has had family member use insurance card with my name at least once after I had no access to car and presented themselves as me when backed into someone else

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I’m sorry to hear about all of that – I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. However, here at the Expert Center, our expertise lies in construction payment and construction law – including mechanics liens in the construction industry. Automotive liens are a bit outside of our wheelhouse.

However, there are some other online resources that should be valuable. Sites like and both have lawyers available from a variety of practice areas, beyond construction law, and they should be able to provide some insight on how best to recover what you’re owed.

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