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Likely outcome if we hire an attorney?


What is the likely outcome of going to court and getting the cost of a new roof/anything needing to be replaced from the original contractor that built a faulty roof and quit in the middle of the project? I would also like to have the attorney fees paid by him since he is the reason we need an attorney. He left us with a remaining balance of $6,000-$9500 and says that would be enough to get electricity wired/lighting installed, replace the wood/roof/shingles, replace gutters, and stain the entire structure. We gave him $19,000 so far, and he agreed to replace the roof before he quit. I feel it is fair for him to pay our attorney fees, refund us the roofing cost, and give us the amount that exceeds the remaining balance after having to hire a new contract. How likely would be get our requests?

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