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Lien waivers for roofing job

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I am currently negotiating with a roofing contractor to re-roof our residence in Missouri. He will be providing both labor and materials. What kind of lien waivers will I need to protect myself from the possibility of a supplier filing a lien for the contractor not paying for materials? Will I need a lien waiver from both the contractor and the supplier?

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May 12, 2020
It's a good idea to obtain mechanics lien waivers any time payment is made on a construction project. Really, lien waivers should be treated like receipts. And, asking for waivers both from your direct contractor and their subcontractors/suppliers is the best way to ensure everyone's getting paid on the project and that the risk of mechanics lien claims will be minimized. You can download free, downloadable mechanics lien waiver templates here: Missouri Lien Waiver Forms & Guide – All You Need to Know. These resources will be valuable to you as well: (1) How To Handle Requesting & Tracking Lien Waivers; and (2) The Property Owner’s Guide to Lien Waivers.

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