Lien rights


My name is Mark Hall, and I am the general manager for G&C Door. I also have my own license and do door installs under Hallmark Carpentry. I have one contractor who is slow pay and I generally get paid after the house closes. The contractor is getting large in his building starts. I have currently been doing the 20 day premin and have started filing liens of the jobs. My question: is it ok to pay the materials that I purchase from G&C Door with my credit card, and still have all my lien rights protected for each unpaid job from the contractor? The lien says its coming from Hallmark Carpentry LLC.

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Nov 19, 2021
You are probably ok. The lien secures payment for the reasonable value of the services provided. That value is what determines the lien/debt amount, not who paid for materials with what credit card. When you have a contract, the agreed contract price will typically (but not always) determine what the reasonable value is for something since the parties agreed on that value/contract price for the services.
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