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Lien for water utility

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The town where I live put a lien on my property over a water bill for $31.76 Then tried to accuse me of hooking up to my well. Said I needed to pay a new water deposit feel like I just moved in when I’ve been here for 27 years in the same house. Then they tried to accuse me of having a rooster and said they were finding me $25 a day. No one ever came out and inspected. The lien for the water bill they said was $100 a day. Now they are trying to tell me that I have to remove things out of my backyard. I do not live in an HOA. I have a 6 foot high privacy fence all the way around my backyard. They are trying to tell me I can’t put the fencing material in my backyard as that is what I do for a living. My local county says that it is an invasion of privacy if I have a 6 foot high fence. What recourse do I have?

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