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liability for pulling permits for another company

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I have a csl. i took a job with a restoration co. here in mass. I had pulled a few permits for the owner as he is not a csl. What is my risk and liabilty for doing this? he wants me to pull permits on jobs i'm not directly responsible for( the ones i did pull were my jobs)

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May 30, 2021
Although I have seen numerous CSL holders pull permits for jobs they are not involved in, I definitely would not do it. The holder of the license is responsible for seeing that the work is performed in compliance with the building code. If a building inspector finds out you are not on the job, you could get in trouble with the BBRS and have your license suspended or worse. It is a really bad idea. Sincerely, Andrea Goldman Law Group 60 Austin Street, Suite 210 Newton, MA 02460 617-953-3760“Massachusetts Builders Blog” "Home Contractor vs. Homeowner Blog"
Jun 1, 2021

You will be at risk for any job you pull a permit on. Charge him a fee and supervise the other projects.



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