I want to purchase a foreclosure house at auction in Denton county, Texas. Do I need to worry about mechanics liens?

1 month ago

I can check for tax liens on the county website fairly easily, but I see no other information regarding mechanics liens. As the purchaser, will I be responsible for mechanics liens?
How do I find out about HOA fees owed?
Are there other things to be concerned about?

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If a valid and enforceable mechanics lien is present on the property, then a purchaser of that property may well end up being responsible for the lien claim. However, it’s relatively easy to search the property record via the county records search, which you can find here: County of Denton Official Records Search. And, searching the property owner’s name and sifting through the results should help.

If there’s an HOA lien against the property for fees that are owed, but unpaid, then that lien would also show up in the county records search. Alternatively, it might be helpful to contact the HOA to ask if there are outstanding fees.

As for whether there’s anything else to be concerned about – that’s a hard question to answer specifically, but in the broad sense: yes. There’s always the potential for unforeseen issues with foreclosure properties. But, asking a title company to perform a title search on the relevant property could go a long way toward easing your fears.

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