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My contractor’s claim is overwhelming high and advised me to wait until insurance covered full amount of repairs. 4 months inn I came into an agreement to pay the outstanding balance myself. Blind about the initial estimate, I signed an addendum thinking I’m agreeing to add 3500 electrical upgrades. However, the addendum is written in a way I’m agreeing to pay the remainder of 33,500 the insurance didn’t pay and are upgrade fees. Not the case. I didn’t get access to the original estimate submitted to the insurance initially until 12/28/2020. I was extremely tired and distressed after being in the Emergency room the night before. I paid the contractor 10k and 2 days ago he called asking if he can get 20k he could drive to met me. I so happen to be at the doctors. I spoke to the public adjuster involved and he didn’t understand how this could be happening. The public adjuster was on vacation when the contractor had me sign the addendum. Today, I was expected to pay 20k and had my public adjuster talk to The contractor asking him to wait. The contractor stated he couldn’t wait, the cabinets were being delivered today. Can a contractor do this? I don’t understand one bit of repairs cost or material cost. The contractor hasn’t necessarily given me options of different materials or have I specifically asked for anything. The only thing I picked out was color and hardware to kitchen cabinets...

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